Apr 20, 2017

Album ABSTRACTS is out now!

  On April 21 the label AMAdea Music has released a new album of Igor Vitkevich ABSTRACTS.


 1. abstract I   9:19
 2. abstract II   5:30
 3. abstract III   2:43
 4. abstract V   4:40
 5. abstract VI   3:37
 6. abstract VII   2:08
 7. abstract VIII   3:03
 8. abstract IX   8:32
 9. abstract X   1:43
10. abstract XI   4:45


   This album contains soundtracks which have been written down for audiobooks at different times (2011 - 2016 y.y.). Some tracks sound as "originals", but in some tracks the musician included small additions sounds and SFXs. The track ABSTRACT IV isn't included in an album because has been released as a single in 2016.
   As usual, album is available on main music stores (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, 7 Digital, MediaNet, etc. ) and bigest  streams / subscription services (Spotify, Nokia, Deezer, Xbox Music, etc.) worldwide. Also ABSTRACTS is available on musician direct music store BANDCAMP (includes little bonus: HQ full cover (front + back and insert)).