Feb 21, 2016

2016 - year of releases

       From the moment of the last release of Igor Vitkevich (a single COLOREDED FOR B.) passed more than three years. And for this period the musician didn't let out anything.But it doesn't mean that work was stopped. No! There was a lot of work on creation of music and sound design for audiobooks. The musician composed music for computer games. And, of course, he worked with new material for new albums. Here is more detailed about it.
    During this time the musician saved up a lot of author's material. Music which was composed in this time, is the very various. There are plays in"classical" style and works which it is possible to call "experimental". In process of completion (final mixing, mastering, etc.) all music, which it is created for the last three years, will be released as albums, EP or singles. It means that listeners will receive many new tracks from Igor Vitkevich, and it is possible to see 2016 as reporting year and call it by YEAR OF RELEASES.
   In difference from the most part of the previous works of the musician, which were electronic interpretations of works of the well-known composers, on all releases of  2016 year there will be only an author's music and listeners will be able to meet Igor Vitkevich as the composer.